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Rafael with Richard Branson

Founder of the NoLimits project, Rafael Badziag is a German serial entrepreneur, motivational writer and investment angel, who built his first multi-million dollar business by pioneering E-Commerce in Germany. He then expanded into a broad range of Internet-based services and products in a number of countries. His inspirational blog hit the #1 mark on the day it launched.

Rafael is always pushing his limits, so you may find him sprinting on a treacherous mountain trail, running a 100 km race across the Sahara Desert, or dancing a tango on the floor of a fancy Milonga. His expeditions and remarkable journeys have taken him across the world, from Antarctica to the Peaks of the Seven Summits. He has travelled all seven continents.

Mt. Elbrus, 5642m

Mt. Elbrus, 5642m

Rafael’s passion is helping and inspiring others to achieve more, be more and live up to their full potential, both professionally and privately, and he drives his followers to accomplish goals previously deemed impossible. These peak experiences empower people to achieve outrageous success, for “only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.

Sahara Ultra 111km

Sahara Ultra 111km

He has inspired countless people to achieve more meaningful lives, overflowing with zeal, passion and greatness, far beyond the boundaries of mediocrity. Always known to lead by example, or “practice what he preaches”, Rafael is currently learning his 6th language.


After a bath in Antarctica

After a bath in Antarctica

The ‘crossing limits experience’ is Rafael’s lifelong passion and it speaks to the very core of his personality. Enhancing the lives of others by motivating them to do the same is his calling, and he has spent his life answering that admirable call.

At the moment Rafael is involved in an exciting global book project so the articles on this blog may be published less frequently.

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